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Our purpose at Taison is to make life better every day for hundreds of millions of consumers where they live, learn, work and play. We do so through a portfolio of well-known brands. Our brands can be found everywhere you look – from homes and workplaces to classrooms, playing fields and parks!


Blast your way to victory!


Big Bugs are invading the city! These are classic window wall walkers, mixed with a big twist and design. Throw one against a window and watch it crawl down. Throw two and have them wrestle and race. 12 designs are available. Each of them with an unique tribal face. Be apart of us on the journey to invade the city with Big Bug the biggest window walker in the world!!


WhaWhaaWhacky; a line of interactive plush toys designed for kids and kids at heart. Legend has it that the Whackies were created by the Whacky Cloud – a magical cloud that drifts over the earth to sprinkle its magical powers upon us. He flies and crashes on to anything, anywhere, and makes them alive and extraordinary.



Guppets are colorful sea creatures who live in peace and tranquility in the beautiful Deep Peal Bay. Guppets are shy by nature and have been seen only a very few times by humans


Say Squeeze

Say Squeeze is a cutely designed line of wild animal characters for children to play with. They do one simple thing, squeeze them and they smile! Making them a great companion for children to take photos and smile with.



Bake 4 Party


Modern families are more aware of the importance family time, therefore children baking products have been popular in the market. Compared to what is already in the market today, is product is not just selling tools or paper stands. Our product is an experience where the children can enjoy and remember with their family and friends.



Unlock the magical secrets of the Gems! Gem Me is the new addition to Taison’s line of products that combines role-play, fashion, and style to introduce new and engaging ways for girls to play!

Mini Cake Chef

Fun! Creative! Delicious!

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