The Secret is in the Gems

Unlock the magical secrets of the Gems! Gem Me is the new addition to Taison’s line of products that combines role-play, fashion, and style to introduce new and engaging ways for girls to play!

Sparkle Me Necklace

Stylize and accessorize with the Sparkle Me Necklace! Wear it proudly with the included Gem Me Keychain and personalize with two exclusive Gem Me Gems!

Sparkle Me Wand

Get magical with the Sparkle Me Wand! Wave to activate the Gem’s magical powers and marvel at the lights and sounds that it makes! Comes with 3 Gems, 3 Holographic Stickers, and a Keychain Gem Holder.

Sparkle Me Mirror

View and discover the Gem’s secrets with Sparkle Me Mirror! Reveal magical holographic stickers within when you insert the mystical Gems in the mirror! Comes with three Gems and a keychain holder!

Sparkle Me Secret Box

Protect the Gem’s secrets with the Sparkle Me Secret Box! Store your gems safely with the box’s unique Mirror Key and personalize your own space with Gem Me holographic sticker sheets and Sticky Note Pads!

Aside from being a fashionable toy for girls, it’s also magical accessory that harnesses the Gem’s mystical properties to introduce additional inventive play features!

Just add a Gem to each of the magical Gem Me accessories and watch them come to life! Gems unlock the magical properties of each accessory, revealing the secret 3d image within the mirrors, while also unlocking the mystical lighting and sound features of each accessory.
If you are interested in working with Taison as a Gem Me partner & distributor and require additional information on the existing new brand, please contact:

Charles Lo
Design Director
HK Office: 00 852 2369 9788